Poisonous Plants from A to Z

Our plant directory contains poisonous plants for dogs with pictures, information, poisoning symptoms and therapy approaches. We continually expand the list.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If your dog shows symptoms of poisoning, it is always an emergency! Time is critical for your dog's life. You should immediately call your vet or the animal emergency services and make sure that a vet is on site and then go there immediately. For the treatment, it helps the vet a lot to know what your dog has ingested.

New in the plant directory

We have just added these plants to our toxic plant register.

Overview "Toxic food" to print out

Toxic food printouts
Toxic food printouts

We have compiled an overview of toxic foods for dogs on one page with pictures. You can download it either in a colour or black and white version.

Simply click on the desired link below, print out the PDF and hang it on the fridge. This way, no one in the household will forget which foods are toxic for your dog:

These plants are highly toxic for dogs

Even a small amount of these plants, which are highly toxic for dogs, can lead to severe symptoms of poisoning. They can be found in gardens, parks or in forests and meadows. They include trees, shrubs, ferns, mushrooms and tempting flowering plants. With these eight plants in particular, you should make sure that your dog does not even nibble on them.

The most poisonous plants for dogs in forests and meadows

Plants poisonous to dogs include some of the best-known trees such as oak and chestnut. Especially in autumn, their fruits lying on the ground can cause poisoning in dogs. We avoid most types of mushrooms ourselves and would never think of eating them. But this also applies to our dogs! Among the mushrooms there are very highly toxic species for dogs.

Toxic flowers for dogs in the garden and household

Unfortunately, these popular flowers can be a danger to your dogs. Colourful blossoms bring colour into our lives, whether as a bouquet in a vase, as a potted plant in the room or as potted or outdoor plants in the garden. But many of the popular flowers are poisonous. Make sure that your dog does not drink the water from vases or saucers of flower pots.

You should know these garden plants that are toxic for dogs

In most gardens we find evergreen hedge plants and shrubs, but quite a few of them are poisonous to dogs, some of them even highly toxic. These include rhododendrons, cherry laurels and box trees. We enjoy the flowering shrubs and perennials that make our garden so colourful. But unfortunately, some of them can lead to poisoning of our dogs.

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