Health begins with the species-appropriate diet of the dog

The dog is what it eats: Diet has a very large impact on the health of our dogs. With our articles we would like to provide you with an orientation in the jungle of nutritional options with all their advantages and disadvantages.

The shelves with ready-to-eat meals for dogs are getting fuller and fuller: dry food, wet food, ready-to-eat BARF meals and feed additives are available huge selection. You quickly lose track of what is best for the dog.

More and more responsible dog owners want to feed their dog a balanced, varied and natural diet. BARF shops and online shops offer the ingredients for this. But in what proportions do I feed these to my dog?

Depending on its phase of life, exercise, breed and limitations, every dog has individual needs when it comes to its diet.

People and dogs sometimes differ greatly in their nutritional needs. Some of our foods are even toxic to dogs and you should know them.

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